Monday, September 14, 2009

Holding a Candle

I make candle holders out of wood. I got the idea for my first candle holder from an article I read in Woodworkers Journal a few years ago, and then the idea just snowballed into a small industry. I sell these things online and at craft shows, and I have a lot of fun making them.

The idea, at it's core, is to simply make something to hold a candle so it sits upright whilst burning. That way you don't burn your house down. This idea, of course, leaves lots of room for artistic expression, and there is no shortage of artisans taking a stab at building the better candle holder.

You see, it turns out I haven't exactly cornered the market on candle holders, and that's a good thing. Variety means competition, and that means everyone strives to get better. Here are some examples of the candles and holders -- including a pair of my own -- to be found at Design Style Guide.

V Silcox Designs/ A Painted Setting

This glass candle holder refracts and reflects the flickering candle light, creating ever-changing patterns all over your room. Vickie Silcox says, "Amazing table top illumination comes from the candlelight passing through the transparent paint on the glass. Styled to resemble stained glass yet much more durable and robust." It holds one votive candle in any scent you desire.

Creative with Clay

These are hand thrown clay candle holders, designed for use with tea lights. They sit low to the table, the light plays off the warm colors of the clay, and the mood is set. These would be wonderful around an intimate dinner for two, as lighting for a holiday setting, or in your master bath.

Boone's Hooks

From short to tall, here we have a forged steel double candle stick holder by Master Blacksmith Smyth Boone, a descendant of that guy with the coonskin cap. This unit makes a statement, and it would make a wonderful addition to an elegant dinner, or as a centerpiece whilst sampling a bottle of your favorite vintage. Personally, I'd like to have this sitting on my buffet for this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

jn3 Hand Crafted Woodworks

And here's the pair of my candle holders, as promised. I built these out of Redheart, one of my favorite woods with which to work. I love the figure of the wood when finished. I also love the smell of the wood when I am working it. When the candles are burning low, and the lights are down, the flames seem to dance off the reds and browns in the wood, creating an effect similar to the clay holders above. Any room is the perfect room for this pair, but I prefer them in my library and my wife loves them in the master bath, where they create a mood of utter relaxation... when we're not trying to read, of course.
Wink Art & Design

This is a pair of high end candle holders, designed to mount on your wall. Jacob Kennedy says, "Sculpture for your wall. Stunning waxed steel wall sconce and inset wax pillar candle creates a soft glow perfect for an entryway, dining room focal piece, or bedroom mood setter." I couldn't have put it better myself. But I can imagine these in an entry foyer, lighting the way for guests arriving for a Christmas party.

Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts

Which brings us to the candle in a jar. It arrives in it's own holder. All you have to do is take the top off, light the candle and enjoy. The piece you see here can be had in any of more than 185 scents. It burns clean, smells wonderful, looks great in your master bath, master bedroom or living room... what more could you want?

This is a 10 ounce jar, but you can also buy these in other sizes, including jelly jars, and I even build a candle holder specifically for the Bliss Soybean Candles Jelly Jar Candle. Check it out, and check out the other beautiful work from all these gifted artisans. They make decorating your home a pleasure.

There are other candles and holders available from these vendors and from several others as well, all under the Design Style Guide umbrella. Check it out. See what treasures you come up with.

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