Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Decorating on a Limited Budget

Last month, interior designer Gail Doby provided some wonderful tips on how to decorate a new house on a limited budget. Since we recently bought a new house with a main floor in desperate need of a makeover, and to say we have a limited budget would be an understatement, I decided to try some of Gail's suggestions for our dining room. I took a look around our house to see what we already have to work with, and found out that we had more than I thought we did. Then I chose some colors and went to the paint store.

This is what I started with - a dull and boring color, an almost empty room and an old table with a missing chair.

And this is what I ended with. I painted the walls a bright yellow, replaced the missing chair and refinished the table and chairs, and moved an old dresser into the room along with some art that was in another room.

And the total price tag for supplies was under $300 if you can believe it. I still can't get over how much of a difference a few cans of paint and rearranging furniture can make in a room. And it is something anyone can do.

I would still like to change out the art work on the smaller wall. So, I searched the Design Style Guide website and found a few wonderful prints that I think would look great and complete our makeover.

Like this Sleeping Bunting print from Wannabes, Photography by Deborah Brackenbury.

And this Colorful Tulips print from Renie Britenbucher Glass Tapestry Artworks

And this Rooster Print from Torrie Smiley

So get inspired with Design Style Guide website and go makeover your home!

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