Friday, September 18, 2009

Autumn Nesting

As the weather cools and we start spending more time indoors, our thoughts invariably turn to nesting. That is, getting cozy and comfortable for the long winter ahead.

Several members of the DesignStyleGuide at Etsy have come up with unique forms for making your home cosy and for adding interest to the space outside your window, too.

These two birdhouses will provide outdoor interest on your deck or porch throughout the seasons. They were made by etsy seller, tinsandtreasures and are just $12 for the two…a real steal.

Sosorosey is offering a set of three crocheted bowls in warm shades of brown and gray. They offer stylish storage for all kinds of items whether in the home or home office. The bowls are all 2” deep and come in diameters of 2.25”, 3” and 4”. $20 for the set.

This intricately carved gourd house was created by talented artist, midnightcoiler. She created this from one of her own organically grown gourds that has been painted, carved, and varnished. A perfect size for bluebirds, chickadees, tufted titmice, nothatches, prothonotary warblers and some wrens. $40.

A beautiful nest filled with pink speckled eggs and a few downy feathers is the focus of a photograph by MaggiesStudio. Available in a variety of sizes, this would be a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

JustMare’s two piece nesting bowl set captures the spirit of the season with the beautiful mottled orange and black coloring. The large bowl will hold 24 oz and the smaller one 16 oz. A wonderful deal at just $38.

What could be cozier than gathering in front of the fireplace on a cool autumn night and snacking on nuts and popcorn served in these beautiful black locust nesting bowls by makye77? These bowls measure from 1” x 3” to 4” x 7” and look beautiful with or without being filled. They’re a great deal at $77 for the set.
So whether you’re in the nesting mood for your home , office or outdoors, check out the unique, handmade creations by members of the DesignStyleguide on Etsy. To find our members, type Designstyleguide into the search engine on the main page.


Tins and Treasures said...

Thank you so much for choosing my birdhouses for a part of your feature today. It was a wonderful surprise this Friday morning. Have a great weekend, everyone. ~Natalie

Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

What a creative collection! I'm always inspired by DSG!

Unknown said...

You have chosen some lovely pieces here; I particularly like the bowls and the wooden items as I am a great fan of natural materials. In my home we also have some woollen rugs in bright colours placed in front of the sofa and next to the beds and these make all the difference to how a room feels in the colder weather on the coast where we live.   

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