Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vickie Silcox Designs

In 2001 right after September 11th, Vickie made a life changing decision. She gave up a 20 plus year career in construction to pursue her passion for art. She had toyed with pen and ink and charcoal as well, but had always envisioned painting glass - wine glasses specifically. She took the plunge. I am glad she did, her work is fabulous!

In addition to wine glasses, Vickie paints vases, candle holders, lamps, ceiling fan shades, mugs, and more! Her colors are strong and clear, each piece has a personality of its own. Vickie's wine glasses are lead free and guaranteed top shelf dishwasher safe - isn't that awesome? The paint used in her pieces is also heat safe and microwave safe.

This wonderful artist will customize colors to match your decor. Since Vickie's Etsy store is loaded with her wonderful items, you will probably find just the perfect color and design you need!

image Here is one of Vickie's hand painted candle holders, so reasonably priced at $25.00. This would add special ambiance to any room. What a lovely contemporary style!

image Here is a beautiful set of 12 ounce Iris Coffee Mugs priced at $30.00 These are so wonderfully functional and a great addition to any kitchen decor.

image This tall decorative bottle is priced at only $20 and could be a wonderful focal point on a special small table. I love bottles for a home accessory.

image This Tahiti serving bowl is available for $40.00. Vickie's special touch with color is so evident on this beautiful piece!

image This ceiling fan shade can be custom made to match your decor. What a special touch this would add to any room! Two or more shades are available for only $22.00.

In Vickie's own words, "Glass painting explores a unique and profound paradox in art. By painting glass, I want the viewer to look at the shadow of the art as well as the art itself. Glass art is unique in that the shadow contains and expresses the composition and color of the art, a reflection, if you will, as well as a shadow. Trying to find where the shadow begins and where the reflection ends leads to the wonderfully infinite paradox that is glass art."

Vickie has a portfolio on Design Style Guide as well as her Etsy Store. All of Vickie's work in this blog post is protected by copyright. Check out her store, you won't be disappointed!


Art by Darla Kay said...

I ADORE Vickie AND her beautiful hand painted glassware!!
I purchased a pair of wine glasses from her as a gift, but once I received them, I just couldn't give them away. They are breathtaking!
Congrats Vickie on being featured here!!
Love, Darla♥

vsilcoxdesigns said...

I am so honored!! Thank you Jean, so very much!! Vickie Silcox

BPR Designs said...

truly lovely glass work!

Anonymous said...

I have been following Vickie's work for years now! The first time I saw a piece of her exquisite painted glass was on a youtube video and I was just in awe. I had just begun to paint glass myself and Vickie showed me what possibilities one could do with a lot of practice and imagination as well as the love of art. Thank you Vickie!! You tryly have been an inspiration to me. Rhonda Maxwell

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