Sunday, June 14, 2009

The timelessness of pottery as a decorating feature

Archeologists say that one of the first signs that a civilization existed is the ceramic pots and pottery shards found strewn around a site. Next to drawings on cave walls, pottery one of the oldest and most revered art forms around. Once a society has moved from a hunter-gatherer to a more settled, agriculture-based culture, the need for objects to store and serve food in is more critical. And as the society advances, the desire for aesthetic beauty in the objects people use and surround themselves with increases.

As an interior design feature, pottery adds beauty, warmth and utility to a home. And among members of the Design Style Guide, we have several very talented ceramic artists who create both utilitarian and well as decorative pottery for every room in the home.

One member who died recently and will be greatly missed is Slavko who is known for both his beautiful ceramic jewelry as well as beautiful, functional ceramic sinks such as this one.

Wouldn’t any bathroom benefit from such a gorgeous piece of pottery? Slavko’s shop and this item are still open and available thanks to the thoughtfulness of his family who want to make his work available to all.

Another ceramic item that would dress up any bathroom, kitchen or laundry room is the soap dish by Jansonpottery It features some beautiful slip trailing that shows through soft blue and green glazes. The artist notes that this is a versatile piece, too, which can also be used to hold a candle or as a bowl for dipping sauces.

In the kitchen is where potters shine, and this blue casserole dish by dkpottery is exceptional. It will hold up to a quart of food and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. The artist created this out of brown stoneware clay on her pottery wheel.

Dress up the table with these napkin rings by Barbdunshee They are both elegant as well as casual at the same time featuring variations on kitchen chairs done in pottery stains and sealed in the glaze.

This colorful, sculptural piece by Creativewithclay is a wall hanging that the artists created capturing the dance movements seen in Bollywood movies from India. The artist has created a whole body of work inspired by Indian designs, fabrics, embroidery, colors and Bollywood.

Through the ages, the beauty of pottery has captured the imagination of painters, too, as seen in this gorgeous original oil painting of a pitcher and cup by
Ursastudio. It would be a perfect complement to a kitchen wall, living room, bathroom or den.

So as you’re considering decorating ideas, consider the timeless, always-in-style ceramic art by these artists and others in the Design Style Guide. To find more wonderful pottery, go the Etsy search engine and type: “designstyleguide pottery”


Mystic Silks said...

Super blog about pottery!!

And, ages from now, our pottery will reflect back on our culture.

I say the pottery of today is awesome!

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