Monday, June 22, 2009

things to fill my home

Hello all!! June came round so quickly!

I have been super busy with making new pictures (check out my etsy store HERE to see what I have been up to... ) My big news of the month is that my hubby and I are packing up and moving to our dream house in the country! We have found ourselves a beautiful 16th Century Farmhouse in the depths of the English countryside (but only 10 minutes to the coast so I can still get my daily sea air fix). It has lots of rooms to spread out into, a cottage garden and an orchard, and (best of all) it has several outbuildings so I will be able to set up my darkroom and studio onsite too, yeay!!

So with my head filled with thoughts of finding lots of lovelies to fill up our new space... this months contribution from me is a collection of a few things I think would fit in nicely in our new home from my fellow sellers on the Design Style Guide network....

First up is this lovely tall grass handmade pillow by pillowhappy. Our bedroom is mainly decorated in soothing whites with green accents, and this would be a perfect addition :)

As would this Hand Blown Glass White and Green Bowl by SassyGlassy, an great looking decorative item with a plethora of uses!

On nights when I am home alone I like to curl up under a blanket with a good book and my pup snoozing at my toes, this gorgeous handmade Diamonds in the Rough Quilt by warmnfuzzies would certainly keep me cosy while I delved into my literary delights....

I just bought a vintage dresser from a trash or treasure store near my studio - it's been varnished to a state of extreme unattractiveness, but I can see that with a few hours of paint stripping, sanding and repainting, it will be a treasured piece of furniture for years to come, and these Citrus Lemon Yellow Fused Glass Knobs with Snow White Confetti Art Glass from UneekGlassFusions will give it a perfect modern twist.

I love printing in all it's forms, and this gorgeous silk screened artwork called Wear T Red Shoes Madam by Mwilson is just adorable... it's on my wishlist (hint hint) I have a vintage frame that would make the perfect partner to this picture!! I particularly love it as it feeds my shoe fetish too :))

So, I will leave it there before I get too carried away..... but as the song goes those were "a few of my favourite things" ....

Until next time......... happy summer days to you and yours

Jo Bradford xoxo


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