Thursday, June 4, 2009

Painted Lady

This week it was reported in the UK that we are being invaded by a beautiful butterfly called Painted Lady.image

The Painted Lady is a long-distance migrant, which causes the most spectacular butterfly migrations observed in Britain and Ireland.

Each year, it spreads northwards from the desert fringes of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, across mainland Europe and reaching Britain and Ireland. In some years it is an abundant butterfly, frequenting gardens and other flowery places in late summer. Well, this year, for whatever reason they have decided to come in their droves! We even had one visit us whilst we were sitting in our conservatory reading the Sunday papers. Luckily, we were able to release it back into our garden so that it could fly away to join its mates. Apparently, they thrive on the common Thistle plant which grows in abundance everywhere.

In honour of this beautiful migrant I thought I would search the Design Style Guide team for further examples of butterflies. Here is what I found!


Butterfly Garden Original Oil Painting




Blue Butterfly on Bevel Suncatcher


Sundance Reflections


Colorful Butterfly Window Cling Suncatcher with Stained Glass Effects


Clinging Images


Butterfly Pillowcases


The Closet and Curio Shop


Embroidered Clock, Floral Garden and Butterflies

Satin Stitchery

You can tell I like butterflies, can’t you?


Sixsisters said...

Lovely blog and items Pat. Enjoy the butterflies.

brendathour said...

Wonderful blog post, I love butterflies too. Thank you so much for including my Butterfly Garden. I am honored!

Yankeegirl said...

Beautiful selection of butterflies, Pat. Wonderful post.

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