Saturday, May 16, 2009

Room With A View - Apricots and Peaches

I doubt there is a room decor or decorating style that wouldn't benefit from a touch of creamy orange. From peach to apricot to coral, these luscious hues may be bold or subtle, lively or demure. Here are some my favorites from the Design Style Guide team on Etsy:

This flower trio from funky fabric flowers was handloomed from ribbon yarns, and would make a delightful tabletop accent.

IMOTIME created vintage utility with this tupperware wall clock in palest peach.

Gorgeous peach tulips, original wall art photography from Flanders Field.

This picture frame from Secondline Frames is salvaged beadboard. Architecturally pleasing alone, or highlighting a favorite photo.

Hand crocheted napkin cuffs from sosorosey, featuring vintage buttons, would add subtle texture and color to your dining room and breakfast table settings.

Several shades of orange enliven Flowers with Vase, an original oil painting from Blenda Studio.

At the Barre, a fine art print from Kat Hannah.

An Abstracted Portal, original art photography from elephantdreams.


PersimonDreams said...

WOW! These are some really great finds. I never really gave apricot and peach a thought before...I will now.

Tins and Treasures said...

I love the tulips!! Have a great weekend. Take care ~Natalie

Robin Pedrero said...

I love these designers!!

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