Saturday, May 9, 2009

Featured Artist - Pat Parker

I would like to introduce you to another member of the Design Style Guide team, Pat Parker, also known as patspottery on etsy. Now, if you desire that one of a kind touch to your home decor or as a gift, this is a shop you'll want to check out.
She is a full time studio potter, residing in Florida.

Straight from her bio: "I am a ceramic artist specializing in stoneware clay pottery fired to a high cone 6 (2232 degrees Fahrenheit). All my work is one of a kind, wheel thrown and/or hand built. Each piece is unique and made in my home studio."
"She discovered pottery at a class she went to as a favor to a friend. The friend quit, but Pat got bitten by the bug, and the rest is history. Pat lives with her husband who is her pottery craft show partner and glazing helper, one large cat and a Shih Tzu with an attitude. "
This is a 13" stoneware platter glazed with deep, rich expresso, then blue, cinnamon and rust cream glazes.
The platter itself sounds yummy! Wouldn't it be delightful to serve guests some tempting treat on it?
That's right, Pat Parker will create a one of a kind mug just for you with your choice of name or saying on it.

Blue Green Leaf Plates
Who said plates had to be round, or even square? These beautiful creations were made using a real leaf. Talk about great style for any home!

I picked this gorgeous piece out just last weekend, and am NOT surprised that it has sold since then. It is so stunning that I still had to show it! Congratulations on the sale Pat!

Bamboo Urn and Bowl
This is a covered container with matching bowl. The cover fits like a cork and could be used for many things, and it looks great!

"Color and texture is so very important to me, most of the glazes are also made in the studio and carefully formulated to complement the individual piece. I believe function and beauty can co-exist and I strive to combine the two."
All of Pat Parker's pottery and glazes are food, microwave,
dishwasher, and oven safe up to 500 degrees, unless otherwise stated. "

These are just a few items in her shop, she has 107 items to choose from and has made 210 sales!


Karen Faulkner said...

Beautiful leaf plates!

gh said...

Pat is a wonderful potter! I can say this first hand as i am sipping a cup of black coffee from one of the great mugs she has made for me. A large personalized mug with my name stamped handsomely into the side.
What i really like is that no one else in the world has this beatiful mug that I sip coffee from, it is just a one of a kind.
Have a look at her shop, so many fantastic designs.

debbabcock said...

Very nice write-up on one of my favorite ceramic artists! Way to go, Pat! - Deb

Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

Love Pat's work. Especially her Sunrise series. Just beautiful!

Kristina Law said...

Pat is such a wonderful Artist! I am glad I could read more about her in this interview. Thank you.
Kristina Law

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