Thursday, May 14, 2009

All that glisters is not gold.

- Merchant of Venice, Wm. Shakespeare

Whether made of real gold or golden thread, glaze, paint, or other material, gold is a color that warms up any room in your home. I was creating a treasury of items created by the members of the Design Style Guide and came across many beautiful items for the home.

This 5” x 7” giclee entitled “The Magician” by ImagineStudio would be a fabulous addition to a cozy, golden-hued room.
I can picture one of vsilcox’s candle holders sitting on or in front of this beautiful celestial mirror by Naturestudio .
I’ve always loved the glasswork by vsilcoxdesigns , and especially this beautiful candle holder . It measures 3” x 3” x 3” and is made of tempered lead-free glass.
Can’t you picture this 14” x 90” black velvet table runner on your dining set? It was created by cranberrymak in an eye catching design that weaves gold, copper, bronze and black together in a texturally rich geometric pattern for a richly elegant table setting.

This 8” x 12” raku sculpture by the buddhabuilder is titled Clouds Passing in Front of a Golden Moon (or Sun). It would add a decorative touch to a wall in a living room, bathroom or bedroom.

The artist created each of the many stars, sun and moon out of polymer clay. It’s a stunning handmade piece.

Check out this set of five nesting bowls by pagepottery which can be both functional as well as decorative. The bowls measure from 4” to 2.5” and would be perfect for small dipping oils and sauces, candies, or as holders for potpourri, loose change, or jewelry.

For more items to help you decorate your home, type “designstyleguide” and a color or other descriptive word into the search engine on Etsy’s home page .

- Deb Babcock/Blue Sky Pottery


Artsnark said...

wonderful theme & gorgeous selection!

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