Friday, March 6, 2009


When I disappear from cyberspace it is most often due to delving into my art world. I've been busy foiling hundreds of pieces for three of my most recent projects. After I was done I tossed the roll of foil and here is where it landed! I thought it was an appropriate expression of how I felt at the moment. It's SUCH a process but one that I love. I remember asking...what is the Tiffany style of stained glass? I know the answer now! After each piece of the pattern is cut and the edges ground smooth, each is wash and dried and then lined with copper foil. There are different widths, and backing types. The one pictured here is the thinnest (hardest) to work with. The foil is then burnished on the edges and THIS element is what is soldered together; the foil pieces. Burnishes is a very important step.
I could go on but there are many online places to get the information. I wanted to share a little of my process along with a picture just for fun! I've made great progress the past few days and should be listing some new pieces along with finishing a consignment project by weeks end! Here is hoping that you are able to make the most of your day!


Mystic Silks said...

I love working with stained glass, but haven't done it in a long while.Just reading your blog post brought back the memories of each step in the process.

I always prayed during the glass cutting process, that the piece I was cutting out would not crack in the process--:)

Unknown said...

Sounds fascinating Laurie.

Tins and Treasures said...

This sounds like it requires much patience and persistence...I'd love to see your finished work. Take care ~Natalie

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