Saturday, February 14, 2009

Silk Paintings by Mystic Silks

I have to admit that I was kinda nervous about writing todays' blog.
I had no idea what I was going to write about. First I read some
of the latest posts on this blog. Wonderful and interesting posts,
by the way. Make sure you read them.
Then I started looking through the spectacular work of our artists
on Design Style Guide, and inspiration came when I came across Mystic Silks
gorgeous silk paintings.
MYSTIC SILKS creates unique silk art: Art work that can not be duplicated---
one of a kind hand painted silk pieces.
"As the colored dyes touch the silk, moving through the fibers,
they take on a wonderful, mysterious life of their own.
A steaming process, sets the dyes, adding other dimensions and character. I
f you look closely you may see mysterious shapes and images."
This one is called Her Majesty, the Monarch
A Monarch butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

This one is entitled Einstein
"I love Albert, and this silk painting is a mere attempt at capturing the abstract complex thinking of Albert Einstein. It consists of symbols: hexagongs, squares, circles, and various images that appear four dimensional."

Mystic Silks calls this one Fickle Winds

Mystic Silks bio reads:
"I have enjoyed the skill of silk painting for several years, and have exhibited my creations at juried and invitational art shows. Each creation is unique.
I truly began silk art as a form of relaxation, however my Virgo personality controls the need to reach a level of perfection. Each silk creation, was a labor of love and dedication to get that certain unique appearance.Because of the steaming process my silk paintings have images that appear, if you look closely you'll see them. Look at " BlueBird Garden" Between the statue's stump, and the rose bushes you'll see the images of a man and woman.
When it comes to wearing a silk scarf I like to wear something that no one else has seen. I believe everyone has the desire to feel 'unique', special, one of a kind. And so, when I say this was created, just for you, believe it! Each hand designed item is inspired by some muse: It could be the music I'm listening to, or a photo of something I've taken of nature. From butterlfies emerging from their cocoons, to a wee flower found on the floor of a forest. It might be an exotic mood I'm in; I have to paint it on silk. The imagination is a wonderful gift of the universe."


Mystic Silks said...

You know this is written very nicely---thank you! said...

I love the "Einstein"...beautiful!

Karen Faulkner said...

Her work is exquisite! The monarch looks as though it could take flight at any moment.

LadyK said...

I love Mystic Silks work a lot, she is such a talented artist.

gh said...

Klaire of Mystic Silks is not only so talented, but such a great person as well.

Her works are so vibrant and uplifting, rich and spectacular. I enjoy browsing through her shop from time to time.
Great read!

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