Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is it Spring Yet?

Atlas Signs and Plaques

by Atlas Signs and Plaques 

Well… it sure doesn’t feel like spring! A touch of snow yesterday, freezing fog this morning… wow! Around here, Presidents Day weekend is the time for pruning my roses. I haven’t done it yet, because of the unusually cold weather, but it’s time to get out into the garden and start working.

Though I’ll be working with my coat and hat on… it does make me feel like spring and garden weather is just around the corner. So I went searching on our website to see what I could find in the garden decor section.

What I found made me yearn even more for spring!!!!

andrewsreclaimedGarden trellis by andrewsreclaimed 


Glass Hummingbird feeder by GloriousGlassGarden


by PhenomeGNOME


Putting on my hat and coat and gloves and heading out to the garden! I’m sure I’ll find a few signs of spring out there! *smile*


Linda said...

It is definitely feeling like spring where I am -- but I've been a bit lax about getting out to the garden :-)

Great items!

Kenna Elizabeth said...

Me thinks "spring is sprung." We could use some more of the wet stuff though, as much as I love the sunshine. :)

gh said...

It's still quite cool here in N.Y. but your selections and images have me in great anticipation.

WhimsicalXpressions said...

My poor little garden gnome is covered in snow. We are BOTH ready for some flip flop weather!

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