Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beautiful Boxes

A few months ago I came across this artist on etsy, and haven't been able to get her lovely creations out of my head.

Her name is Sandra Todd and she's a retired artist and crafter.
Here is what she has to say.

"My Box Designs were created one day when I took one of my husbands empty cigar boxes and decided to get a little creative. Before long, I had so many interesting pieces, that I started giving them away as gifts to friends and family.
One day someone saw one of my creations at a friends house on her coffee table. The box was being used to store her TV remote controls. The person called me, and asked if she could purchase one for herself, but asked if I could match it to her decor. What evolved since that day, are the boxes you see on this site. All of the boxes are one of a kind. I rarely repeat myself, unless it is a special request and the fabrics I have used are still available. I have used many different types of mediums, fabrics, and embellishments.
Most of the boxes I start with are all different sizes and shapes. I have experimented with all types of styles, from modern metallic, to Victorian lace. All of the boxes are made of wood and most (unless indicated) have new brass hinges and accessories. I am told (by all the people who have purchased them) that they are being used in all sorts of interesting ways. Jewelry, keepsake, photos, dining room silver pieces, coffee tables, the boudoir, night tables, or just for a delightful accent piece. They can also make a perfect gift for that special someone."

Pet Memorial Keepsake

Elegant White Sofa Box

Sweet Dreams Baby Keepsake Box

These boxes are truly unique and adorable.


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