Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Spanish Influence!

Whilst my vactation in Spain is coming to a close I have had a wonderful time exploring small mountain villages with their whitewashed houses and narrow alleyways. This against a vivid blue sky and green pines graduating up the mountain where truly idyllic.

So, I decided to see what wonderful items this team had produced that included a Spanish theme!

Firstly I came across this colourful mounted print entitled Spanish Nights by Jennysporch. You can just feel the atmosphere of swirling flamenco and the excitement of the bull fights!

Looking further I noticed this image of an old Spanish door. So many of the houses, even the must humble, often had great wooden doors at the entrance to the homes.

This image entitled Spanish Door 02 by Tiffany Teske gives us a feel of that rustic charm found in so many places in Spain.

Whilst walking in the mountains I came across so many lovely smells of the different fauna I encountered. Especially, wild thyme, pine and cedar the smells of which wafted across in the breeze on the pleasantly warm days.

Spanish Cedar has been wonderfully captured by Blisscandles as a soya candle. Presented in a 10 oz jar with a metal handle this would make an ideal present for you to give or just to keep in your own home to remind you of warmer times.

Obviously, whilst in the country my husband and I had to try to many and varied fish dishes offered by the numerous Spanish restaurants. Our landlord, who often frequents Spanish markets, picked up a fabulous old book in English describing Spanish cooking for me. Wasn't that sweet?

Spanish housewives are immensely houseproud and very jealous of their own local recipes. It is amazing how one dish can vary so much between villages! So, La Cocina (Spanish for kitchen) is a very important place in the hearts of all of us.

Shabbytown has created this wonderfully shabby Spanish look with her reclaimed sign with the words La Cocina. Isn't it romantic?

Well, I only have a few more days left to enjoy the gentle sunny warm weather before returning to a cold wet England. With views down to the coast where the sea shimmers whilst sailing boats drift along the horizon I shall leave you to meet up with you another time, in another country!



Robin Pedrero said...

Your pieces bring memories from my last visit.

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