Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Stay Home and Shop!

Why get out in all the hustle and bustle of the mall when you can find such lovely gifts from Design Style Guide? If I don't have you convinced yet, just put down your purse and keys and continue reading. You will have no need to get in that car and drive toward the mall when we are done here!
This Happy Birds - Retro Birdcage Pillow Cover brings out a smile immediately upon seeing it! This lovely creation would make a perfect gift for anyone as it's style and color would match just about any decor. I found it over at Sun2Create's shop, but you can find it by clicking right here: .

Have you ever seen such a cool way to store your keys/jewelry/scarves/etc? Well, I haven't and I bet your friends and family members have not either! This rack is available from Shauneil, Truthfully, it was very hard for me to pick my favorite one, because there are so many cool ways to organize in her shop! Whether you need a gift for your friend, coworker, child to give them a cute reason to get organized, whatever your motivation, you will find a perfect gift at Shauneil's shop! For any of you out there with a pup living in your home, I don't have to remind you that they deserve a Christmas present as well! What better way to pamper your pooch than this awesome bed from Jakey BB. You can check out this bed and others like it at:

I hope by showing you just a small gathering of gifts it will keep you on the internet checking out gifts on Design Style Guide. Anyone who gets a gift that is handmade will no doubt love the originality and hard work that comes along with it!

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