Friday, November 28, 2008

Create Ambiance with Candles

Soy Candle - Handcrafted Ceramic - Wild Berry Musk Scented by Madhatterspottery

When you think candles, many images come to mind. Warmth, romance, scent, glowing decor. Candles can add a richness to any room, especially during the holiday season. They also make wonderful gifts, for friends, hair stylists, teachers or housewarmings. Spectacular candles and candle holders can be found from our DesignStyleGuide members and here are just a few.
Enchanting Amazon Candle Holder by vsilcoxdesigns

Purple Votive Candle Holder- Stained Glass- With Black Antique Patina by DianasStainedGlass

Lantern for Tealight by ArzuMusa

So when you are trying to get the perfect touches when adding to your home's decor, don't forget to add some beautiful candles.


Kathiravan Manoharan said...

Nice One!!

-Kathiravan Manoharan

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