Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Interior Design and Handmade Items

This is my first post here at DSG. My name is Angelia, I am a textile artisan and gallery owner in Southern Virginia. Since I do a lot of display work in the Red Thread (my shop) I thought it would start my posting with a little series on display in interior design and using art and handmade items. This week will be the living roomas the inspiration. I find it interesting, as I am sure we all do,to look at magazines and web sites in all ranges of style as well as price. I tend toward modern/contemporary style but living in the south of the US now I have learned to use a little more traditional/folk art pieces as well as the "Shabby Chic" and Victorian styles to mix it up in my home displays and the store. Using accessories is the easiest and least costly shake up you room and change with the seasons.
These rooms have a great feel of openess and I love the soft neutral colors with a pops of color.

Here is a living room form a high end designer Frank Roop and I have selected some Team members work to help you get to look.
Lunar Lounge Design Flying Needle Gallery Jalex Studio Judi Tavill
Lori Mirabelli

Please let me know if you would like more information or have ideas to add. My design blog is Armstrong Industry Journal. Thanks for supporting the Design Style Guide Team.
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