Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Interview with Nonnie's Treasures

"Four Seasons Stained Glass ACEOS"
Who are you? I am a wife and mother of two grown children, working full time at my “day job,” counting the days to retirement.

Where are you located?
My husband and I live in Danville, PA, which is about two hours north of the state capitol, Harrisburg.

What do you create? I create all kinds of stained glass. I am fascinated by color and light, and I love designing and making lamps, lanterns, panels, ACEOs, boxes, windows, and just about anything that you can imagine. Just like painting, it’s another medium of expression to me.

Where do you sell your creations? I sell exclusively through my etsy shop, which is

"Sophisticated Lady Stained Glass Panel"

Where do you create? I am always creating in my mind, every minute of the day. Ideas come to me when I’m at work, when I’m working on a piece, and even when I’m sleeping! My husband built me a wonderful workshop in our basement with lots of room for building the stained glass pieces, and lots of storage space for my glass sheets.

What inspires you? I am inspired by nature – flowers, the beach, birds, animals. Music inspires me a lot of the time, as does classical paintings. I recreated “Girl With a Pearl Earring” in an 18” x 22” panel for my daughter, as that is her favorite painting.

Is your Etsy shop a full-time job, part-time job, or hobby? Since I am still working full-time, my etsy shop has to be part-time for now.

What type of marketing is the most effective for you? I leave business cards in restaurants, salons, and wherever I happen to be that other people will visit. I promote my business to antique dealers, gift shops, and friends. The most effective marketing happens to be appearing in a Treasury, so I try to promote our group as much as possible. I also have posted photos of my work on flickr, which surprisingly reaches a lot of people.

"Butterfly Stained Glass Box"

What are your goals? My goal is to retire from work in a year, do stained glass pieces full-time, and take examples of my work “on the road” at higher end craft and art shows.

How do you envision your creations being used by your customers? I envision someone asking me to create a custom piece which has a significance in their life, and enjoying it for the rest of their life.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Yes. You have no idea what you can do until you try. I always wanted to excel at one thing, but I never thought I was very good at anything in the field of art. When I took a course three years ago in basic stained glass, I was hooked, and now I can’t NOT do stained glass. I am driven to do it because I love it and it gives me personal satisfaction, plus, I'm learning more all the time.

Online store:

Website: This links directly to my shop, and it is easier to remember; hence it is on my business card:


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