Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The UnExpected - Storage

I absolutely hate it. And I've just survived another one.

I suppose the word 'just' is misleading because the truth is that, even though we are out of the old apartment, I'm still unpakcing, packing, sorting, organizing, and - most of all - getting rid of! I've got all kinds of ideas about how to organize the new space so that the next move is only half as painful. Of course, my ideal of throwing everything in 5 suitcases and going probably won't be realized, even with these great ideas of mine, but it should make life easier.

And all these ideas have got me thinking about the one catagory of item I don't mind adding to our stuff right now: storage containers. But you don't have to stock up on steralite for that. Luckly for us, the team gives us more than enough options to keep our homes decorated and organized - heavenly!

Oak and Walnut Box
by JMCraftworks

Simple - lovely. Really, this beautiful box could serve you in any room of the house - jewelry box, makeup in the bathroom, even by the phone with some scrap paper, pens, and post-its. And each pieces of wood is so unique.

Owyn Toy Box
by modmomfurniture

Of course this is perfect for your children's toys (those two leaves are covers that lift off to reveal to storage space!). But the design of this box is so beautiful and clever - there's no reason not to use it for yourself. Try it in an entry way to corral some of the clutter and provide a place to pull of your boots, or even at the foot of the bed with extra blankets!

Clanada Pencil Holder
by vivamadeira

I think it is proven somewhere that a beautiful and organized desk helps one get more work done. Well, if it's not proven yet, it should be because if you surround yourself with inspiring pieces like these pencil holder, not only can you find your pencils but you're bound to have a great idea to sketch. But you know what I would love to see with these boxes - slip in a glass cup and then a small potted plant - a stunning windowsill garden!

Porcelain Jewelry Box
by ceramagic

This delicately sculpted box is perfect for jewelry, but I would love to use it on an entry table to had all those keys we dump at the door. Or get two for the kitchen and keep one with course salt, the other with table salt - lovely! Or decant your face cream into it and you'll really feel like you're at the spa every morning. Oh, the possibilities!

Really, I could go on and on, but I have things to sort!
Just search 'interiordesignteam box' and storage will never be the same!


On a Whimsey said...

I love all these storage ideas but in particular the oak and walnut box - the wood is so attractive!

f2images said...

Those pencil holders are gorgeous!!! Also, I'm a big fan of the Owyn Toy Box. Great storage solutions! ;)

Unknown said...

Storage is always welcomed in my house, be it in a small amount or in the form of a bulky container. Any storage is good storage to me. However, I do have my preferences and they are in the form of a concealed container. That is why I find your findings to be really splendid. I believe in keeping the mess in rather than having a storage container that exposes everything which somehow defeats the purpose of storage to me. That is the reason why I prefer closed and solid colored boxes for storage purposes.

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