Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Conversation With Matthew Hamblen

The job of the artist is to inspire, to light the unseen, to eloquently state the unsaid, and to bring imagination to the eye.

I try my best to live by those words, but I think I lean heavily toward the imagination part most of all.

I have been painting about 10 years now. I started back in 1999 on Ebay, and have been at it ever since.pic 1

My two biggest motivations are other people, and myself.

I go a long way on the kindness people extend to me. Over the years, I have received a ton of letters from folks that have gotten something out of seeing my work, from artists that desire to learn my techniques, to folks that just want to thank me for being there and tell me they think my paintings are great!

That is a very powerful and incredible thing to experience. I can honestly say I know I've inspired others through what I do, and that means a whole lot to me.

Secondly, I motivate myself. I get a kick out of my work, and sometimes I can scarcely believe I paint some of the things that fly out of my mind and my brushes.

That is why I love being somewhat of an improvisational artist, and I would never trade that for doing the same exact thing over and over for anything. Sometimes, calculated "happy accidents" can come together into incredible pieces. I live for those moments, and those pieces. People that love my work can usually spot them, too.

I also love the freedom I have with my art. If I want to paint a green ostrich with pink dots, I just go right ahead (although I certainly prefer green landscapes with pink dots). I never put limits on myself that way, or in the way I present my work.

I tend to put some outgoing feelings into my shop here and there when I'm in the mood, with varied results. Some like it, some don't - other have told me they read what "spin" I come up with over their morning coffee, and I'm sure many out there just think I'm a nut, which is just fine with me. Guess what, youre RIGHT!

Usually it's just some new way I've though of to present myself and my work, so I'll blab it up, then I usually change my mind and shut up again for a while. Sort've like an unofficial erasable blog that I just have in my storefront and my bio.

I guess I like to stir things up on occasion, but it usually passes once I get over myself, and maybe have another cup of coffee in my belly!

I guess I just like to be silly, and not take things too seriously at times. That's another thing I just refuse to do, as my art needs to be about my free spirit more than anything, or it's just no fun, is it?

I want people to find my work moody (light or dark depending on my mood), ALWAYS spiritually uplifting, always communicative and hopefully fun - all at the same time.

Those are the attitudes that are most true to my personality. I like to be nutty one day and morose the next, and it just passes through into my paintings. I also want people to see that I care about people, the planet, our future, and a relationship with God.

Nearly every painting has strong light or sunsets/sunrises, and many have clouds. That is how I keep the Good Lord close to my heart, my viewers, and my painting.

You can see more of Matthew's work at or his other site


Kristina Law said...

I love Matthew's work! It is so beautifully dramatic. And I just saw his painting featured in one of our team treasuries

Way to go!

Laurie Roskam said...

OOOOHHHH I could not get to his shop fast enough!!! I've never seen art quite like this before and it is absolutely inspiring! I just purchased Sea Breeze.....would like to purchase about three more too! (wink) Thanks SO much for drawing this artist to our collective attentions! He's pure genius! With gratitude, Laurie B.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Matthew's work is dynamic! Wow! He seems like a beautiful person inside, as well as being able to convey that beauty to others in his work.

Unknown said...

Wonderful read! I absolutley LOVE Matthews work! It is so beautiful, moody, moving, truly inspirational. When I see one of his paintings, I get this excited little feelings inside like a kid at Christmas.

MagiCatGlass=^..^= said...

Wow! Keep up the great work. It was a great article to read :-) Love your shops!

Heidi said...

Matthew Whamblen does such a great job with light -- so lovely to look upon.

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