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American Journal Book

Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
"American Journal: a collection of off beat small town road trips"
A book of my Black and White photographs exploring small town America.

In her own words:

My greatest fear is having a boring life.

So, I hit the road…

I have always been fascinated with observing people. I decided that I wanted to tell stories about America. I would do this by recording it's people and places. I use photography to stop time and to tell stories of only one moment. I chose to make photographs in small towns because that's where I believe you find the heart of America.

In American Journal I have made a photographic record of people, I make a photograph of a person that will tell an entire story in only one rectangular frame. I have photographed people and places to show how wonderful and interesting and varied they are. I take a portrait of myself every time I make a photograph. The subject is a reflection of my own feelings. I make sure to capture my subjects with their pride and strength and kindness.

I am fortunate that people let me into their lives fully. It's a very personal gift they have given me. Insight, openness, integrity, warmth. My photographs are the treasures of my life… a trail of my experience. A reminder of people whom I have met. A souvenir of the places I've been to.

I make portraits of community. The festivals and fairs that I photograph are part of our unique American culture. They are about small town pride. They are about tradition. In small towns there is a sense of place a sense of belonging. I have a great interest in small towns where people have time, where little has changed, where life is not homogenized, where people are still individuals.

My motivation for creating art is to make something that is uniquely mine that will give the world some idea of who I am. They will see me as a reflection of my subjects, know what I admired, see how I had lived my life.

I love photography, it lets me save pieces of the present, that some day will be a reflection of the past. It's my gift to the future.

Saltwater Cowboys

Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
The Saltwater Cowboys bringing the heard of wild ponies down the beach in the early morning fog. The Annual pony swim Chincoteague, VA


Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
Well, no it's Keith Henderson who was the entertainment for Hog Day Hillsbourogh, NC

Wigwam Village

Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
The Wigwam Village Motel at night Cave City, KY.
There is something magical about this place at night.

The King and Queen of Ireland

Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
The King and Queen of Ireland, West Virginia
The King and Queen got to ride on the best John Deere tractor in the parade.
The Irish Spring Festival, St. Patrick's Day Ireland, WV

American Beauties

Copyright Mary Haggerty all rights reserved.
American Beauties, Baby Parade, Ocean City, NJ

Photo America is the Etsy home for MAry's book of Black and White Photographs, "American Journal: a collection of off beat small town road trips" and archival limited edition signed Black and White Prints.

Her American Journal Photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the US. Mary has been a photojournalist for 14 years and her images have been in many publications including the N Y Times.

Want to be a patron of the arts? Send her on a road trip! check this listing for "Sponsor my next trip"

Mary's other store Magic Island General Store.
She also photographs portraits and weddings.


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